Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Catching Up

Obviously, I haven't written in quite a while. No real excuse and I will not try to make one. It is a commitment that I know I have to continue. And I certainly will as time as goes along.
So just to add a few thoughts now, the quartet (WSaxQ) has had a good year so far, as we near the half-way point of the season and we look forward to a good lineup of concerts in the second half ahead...check out our website for schedules at: www.wsaxq.com
Also, we are looking forward to applying for grants and getting ideas since we have achieved our 501c3 status. We also have a new CD, which is selling pretty well.
As I think more about the blog and the purpose of sharing thoughts and ideas, the principle concern is the future of classical saxophone quartet playing. It is clear to me, and many others certainly, that the success lies in the saxophone quartet itself. The creation at the college level, the perpetuation of the group beyond that into the professional world. That is a fact. At least for the forseeible future, being a soloist or member of a regular large ensemble like an orchestra is not likely and some ways, just not possible. So it's quartet for classical players!
That will remain a main theme for this blog. Every aspect of that, from educating listeners and players, to finding an innovative way or ways to further the "cause." That will be the focus of my attention.
Some thoughts for now: creating a performance competition of some kind; giving composers more of an opportunity to be part of the success of quartet playing; and definitely creating a performance climate that will include saxophone quartets and not simply ignore their place in the world. I am fully aware that the saxophone quartet as an entity does not have critical mass at this point. Certainly not like string quartets. But looking back in history on the internet, many quartets have won major chamber music awards over the years. And then what happened? Is there a possible disconnect in the process?
That will be explored more!

More to come...your thoughts are always welcome.

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