Sunday, January 24, 2010


This weekend our quartet (WSaxQ) had a wonderful collaboration with Jane Franklin Dance. In fact, it was our third occasion to work with her company. Very creative choreography.
We always have a good time working with the dancers and in the process of performing, gain a deeper insight for our music as well. In a sense, the added visual element helps us to hear new things in pieces we've been playing for some time - a long time in some cases - and gives it a fresh perspective.
For a saxophone quartet, it's offers us a new audience of mostly dance fans. So they frequently say how much they enjoyed hearing a new sound.
For this past weekend we split the program with Jane's group so our group and her company each had a chance to present sections of the program alone as well as together.
We're always open to new collaborations with artists. Next week we are planning to perform with an organist at a church recital.
More later...

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