Thursday, April 1, 2010

Two Concerts Worth Mentioning

We performed in Arizona on Friday, Mar. 26, which included a couple of school clinics. Basically successful and fun, although a bit disappointing to hear that one of the schools, (a middle school), was closing at the end of this year. The band director seemed lucky enough to move to the high school for next year. And then that evening we performed for a fine audience with many people hearing the saxophone quartet for the first time. Always a treat! Sold out out CDs!! None to carry back on the plane!!!
Then on the way home I was taken down again after talking with a former student who now lives and teaches music in Arizona. He missed the concert but we were able to talk and get caught up things. We talked about his future and his wife's, who also teaches music. They are expecting their first child this summer. Great news, however their jobs are in jeopardy if a budget bill does not pass. Things are not going well there in Arizona, and throughout the country for music and arts education in general. We need to stay tuned to this. Please read about it and find out as much as you can in your local school district and then perhaps you can do something to help keep it alive and well. These young people are the future!

Tuesday night, March 30, we performed at the Episcopal High School in Alexandria, VA. It was a delightful in the afternoon with the students and a concert at night. Very good house and again, some new listeners to the saxophone quartet. Always great to initiate new ears to the sound. Knowing some in the audience, I can say that the age range was pre-teen to 92, and every age in between. Reception followed to meet people and talk about the music. In the music world, being able to communicate right away with the members of the audience is critical.

We musicians have to keep up the momentum for new performance ideas and always look for ways to build the numbers for those may be hearing something for the first time. They're out there. We just need to find them and keep them.

You're thoughts?

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